Julia Paranhos - Model around the world

Julia started modeling very early, in her adolescence, and after the beginning it was all success, owner of a unique beauty, she travels the world as a professional model. Now residing in Dubai, the most famous city in the United Arab Emirates, he tells Hooks about his career and his goals, in an interview that you are following now.

Makeup artist @le.kairouz

Photographer @satishvclicks

1- At what point did your modeling career start and what are your ambitions in this very competitive environment?

I started my career at 15 years old. My ambition today is to have more recognition through my work and to bring financial stability to me and my family.

2- What are the biggest difficulties you feel for a better performance in the fashion environment?

Besides the competitiveness of the market, one of my biggest difficulties is keeping my body according to what is asked, I really like to eat junk food and it's a great difficulty to chase after the loss.

3- Besides being a model, do you have other goals in the entertainment sectors? If so, which ones would they be?

At the moment I don't have any immediate plan, but I have in mind to be able to take some of my work to another audience, such as TV, reality shows and the like, I believe that having the opportunity to show a little of myself and talk about my work will add a lot in my career.

4- We know that you are residing in Dubai, how is being modeled in one of the finest and richest countries in the world?

It's been amazing because I love Dubai, it's a country I like to be in and the models are valued, I have my stability and security here. I don't intend to leave Dubai anytime soon.

5- International model, digital influencer, magazine cover, do you have a dream that you haven't achieved yet and want to fulfill?

In addition to consolidating myself more and more in the fashion world, I have a dream of having an animal protection NGO, I think it is a cause that is still little talked about and supported, I really want to be able to do something for animals.

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